Saturday, August 25, 2012

Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. (Also new giveaway!)

Well another Friday is here huh folks? First off I'd like to reintroduce you to my Forge world Keeper of secrets, whom I think "Babylon the Great" is a fine title until I decide to make a six or seven headed mount of slaanesh to pull a chariot.
 Now as for why I decided to do my keeper this week, I saw that she had broken in the middle of moving from the last place to this one, and after stealing the idea from her base to kind of use on the chariot I decided he needed a new paint-job. Also I wanted to paint more daemon stuff
 Now anyone who has ever glanced longingly at one of the forge world keepers will notice that this one is missing spikes on her breast and leg, I only received half of the spikes to attach, and those that I tried to attach to the breast looked horrid, so instead I used liquid greenstuff to fill in the holes as much as possible and then colored them as I wanted to do the latex.
 Speaking of latex, That red on the leg, hand ,and breast is the same mixture 50/50 Vermillion (vallejo) and Mephestion red (GW) covered with a thin layer of 'ard coat.
Thought it would be nice to give a look at this base and break down how it was done a bit for anyone who wants to try their hand at it. I first built up the outer ring with cork and made sure to fill in the open spots so that the water effects could not escape. The next step aw the easy part, place a couple of zombie hands, and tentacles I had laying around and prime white, and then the entire thing got a layer of neon magenta with a purple wash and then I just poured water effects in until it reached the brim, adding a bit more the following few days so that it would eventually harden at the brim.

 For our next section, watch the skies, The parasite of Mortrex is coming....
 I've been working on this guy a bit recently, so I thought I would post him as I think I'm about ready to paint him. In my opinion the parasite is a good fluffy HQ that became at least playable in the new edition.
What really boggles my mind is this though I was going to include him in my list even before 6th ed. So it's like I got rewarded for playing what I was going to anyway, and hiding a flying synapse creature in a unit of gargoyles, that gets up to 6 attacks (need to check my math but I think that is right)all which can spawn rippers, is a cruel pleasure which I will be sure to make my opponent remember.

Anyway now I'm just rambling about cruel ideas, so lets chat about how I made this as it's piss easy. I basically took a ravaner and added two sets of gargoyle wings, to it, the spikes on the back as well as the horn are all talons from genestealer arms I had laying around. I did take the stinger from a gargoyle and add it to the tail as well though, to give it the stinger it has in the book. 

Two more announcements: I'll start with this picture

What better way to commemorate the end of the month and the final touches on my keeper than with another giveaway. Who knows what lay within the unholy walls of the mystery box? Standard rules, Leave a workable email in the comments below, I will not contact you unless you win, winner will be picked before next post.

Other announcement, A couple of my friends started a youtube show called "Stoneface" recently, It involves jump-scares and a shock collar, what's not to love? 
A link to their channel is here (beware use of expletives and lots of screaming inside): Stoneface

Have a great week everyone, and good luck on the mysterybox drawing.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Let the games begin...

Hey folks, sorry about no update friday as normal, however having been working on the new Exalted chariot of slaanesh which took much much much more time that I assumed it would.  I actually thought I would hate this model when I saw it, being overly large and looking like it was pulling a tractor. All of that being said, I still picked it up because I thought the rules were quite excellent (who doesn't like getting 4d6 attacks in one charge?) so after a couple days assembling, 4 days painting, and one of getting the water-effects on the base to behave I finally have the entire thing painted I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

I decided to change out one of the claws on the daemonettes for the banner, so I might use this one as a herald-bearing chariot.  
I have to say I also really love the Whips on the model, I'm also quite glad that it comes two sets so that I can add them to other models later like my seekers.

 I have to say Intense blue from Vallejo along with the blue glaze from GW makes an amazing blue, I find myself wanting to use it quite a bit lately. Both much of the hair and the skin on the mounts used it, I'm considering making an entire unit using these colors. 

Coming up this week another large Creature feature, and most likely another giveaway.
 See you folks then have a great week 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Traitors among us.

So, this is going to be a small update covering only a portion of what I've been working on this week, I'm going to post it when it is finished but it's proving more time consuming that I thought having eaten the better part of two days. I've also been fixing my ForgeWorld Keeper of secrets which I am now considering repainting as I am unhappy with the skin and cloth... But enough about projects that are nebulous and I can only talk about, let's get to the meat of the post today. Traitor guard, I was asked by one of the readers (you know who you are) after mentioning that I had an Allied Traitor guard army what I did to make them look like traitor guard. The answer I gave was "Not much." and really the only thing that makes them different from regular Cadians is a paint-job and a few conversions.
 These are the first five I decided to touch up on after looking over my previous work in disgust. I wanted to make them look as though they were more of a guard regiment assigned to an Imperial house that had turned to cult worship. Thus I wanted to make their guns look more ornate and their suits look as though they had little wear and tear.
 One of the little additions I decided to do to cement their "Traitor" status was to include the arrows on their shoulder pads, which seemed a tad blank before I decided to do that (the opposite side has a roman numeral 6 on it, though why I didn't photograph it escapes me)
 Then there is the commanding officer, The spikes were taken from one of the tank sprues and attached to his back, after small holes were drilled in. I decided that even though he had the scars for the face he needed something extra, so I adorned him with a mark of Slaanesh, perhaps it will bring him luck in battle, he'll need it with all the counterattacking I plan on having these units do.

So with the actual traitor guard out of the way I'm moving onto the model I'm using as a commissar. It's a slightly converted Skarre form the Privateer Press line. All I really did was greenstuff over the holes where her horns go and attach the section from the marauder horsemen banner.  I had a thought to remove her dagger but decided in the end it would fit in with the Dark elf wyches that I was converting to also be in this army.
That's all for now, Will update again as soon as I get done with the "other" project, questions and comments in the box below I'll answer best I can.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Nightmares and lots of blue, the dreamer warband begins.

Hey folks been quite a week huh? The mystery box winner has been chosen and I'm going to be in contact with them if you didn't win I encourage you to try again when another pops up. 

This week I decided to work on the three dreamer figures I posted last week.
 Now the first model I started with was the teddy, I wanted to give it a nightmarish carebear look which I believe I accomplished quite well.  I tested out the secret weapon drying blood for the first time and it worked to great effect on the teeth gums and claws.
 Lord Chompy Bits was next but he took a bit of prep work, I started with several washes over his white base and then for the skin hit the high point with rotting flesh, I actually consider him the weakest of this weeks models and am not sure if I will do another wash over the rotting flesh or not.  I again used drying blood on him attempting to give him a "surgeon from hell" look. With his digits and maw covered in gore.
 The dreamer was the last one I worked on for the dreamer warband, and was actually the easiest of the three to work with, other than a quick was or two it was rather simple to get his flesh to come out nicely and I got a rather nice black eye with a small dab of watered down purple wash.

Now that we are done with the dreamer I would like to show the two tyranid color schemes I am considering for my main army and I would like your help to decide.


Hope you folks have a good week, I'll post more stuff soon.