Saturday, October 27, 2012

How 'bout an actual update?

So long story short I don't have the full army of space marines painted, after a rollercoaster of a week including new classes, running out of sepia wash and replacing it with watered down brown ink (NEVER DO THIS), an old friend showing up in town, ect. ect. ect. this week has flown by. However I did manage to get a daemon prince painted for you folks so lets check him out real quick.

 I'm sure the first thing you notice on him is the crab claw which came courtesy of the daemon princess I ordered a little while back for my daemon army before I actually got Babylon. I wanted to give it a chitinous look though so I decided to do it daemonette hide and then hit it with a secret weapon purple wash which I feel complimented it rather nicely.
I feel maybe I could have added some more metals than silver to this but I'm not sure it would work out so well, the black fits with what I'm going for (again Slaaneshi Imperial fists) but I feel I could have thrown some gold in there somewhere.

The horns were from the Tzeentch banner of the CSM box, I think they add nicely to the model itself, and I hardly see any daemons with more than those two derpy looking ones. Honestly though I would have loved it if I had an extra fiend of slaanesh head to swap out, I think it would have looked pretty good on a daemon prince.

Now for what most of you no doubt came for.

As I'm not done with My CSM army I have decided to do this, a giveaway every week until I am finished. Standard rules, email in the comments, I pick a winner and send them an email for their contact info. Good luck, See you folks next week.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Unexpected Delays

Whelp let me start out with this, My buddies the same folks who are doing the stoneface episodes on youtube are running a fundraiser stream for extra life, Their website/team page is Here and their stream should be through my buddy sean's livestream channel Here, please spread the word, donate or at the very least pop in to see what they are playing, you might find yourself entertained.

With that being said I have been working for the better part of the day to get my CSM army finished and table ready, however having not worked on streamlining 50+ models in a while I fear I have fallen behind. I did manage to get most of them ready for detailing however so as soon as I have them done I'll be sure to post the entire army here. Once again I apologize for not having a proper update.

And I know I'm going to hear some grumbling before the next post so I'll give you folks something to look forward to, a penance in gift form, I'll be doing another giveaway next post.

See you next update 

Friday, October 12, 2012

It's how big!? (small update)

Sorry to disappoint, but with some stuff going on this week as well as not being able to pick up anything until today (friday) I seem to have fallen behind, rest assured I still have an update but it's a smaller one before I show off the one of the projects I've been working with off and on for a year now.  SO let me start off by saying the Chaos codex is great having picked it up and thumbed through it. I forsee quite a few good matches coming from it's rules and am rather liking the idea of a slaanesh sorc riding around with 9 feel no pain noise marines tooled for assault in a land raider. Also it gave me a good name for my Chaos Imperial fists so I don't have to call them "Dornian heresy" Marines anymore. The brotherhood of Lethe, Which opens up all sorts of ideas for scenic basing. But that isn't what I want to talk about today, what I want to talk about is one of our new toys for heavy support.

Now I was dubious when I first saw the fiends, but have been since convinced that they can fill a much needed roll in our army, so I picked one up and while being surprisingly simple to put together is also quite large, I was actually amazed how big the thing is.

I recall being surprised at the size of the Tervigon when I got one of those too and wonder if I just have a hard-on for Monstrous creatures. But I find that the more I look at this model as well as it's conversion potential to other projects the more I find myself liking it. The guns look good, the pipes on it's flanks look excellent (for just about any vehicle that you want to have a small pipe-organ feel. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the reptilian head, but I must commend them for giving us the alternative shown above.

That's all for now, expect a larger update this week which will also include some W.I.P.s


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Need for speed (part two, also first impressions on the new CSM codex)

Hey folks, lots going on this week so lets jump right into the skaven painting tutorial I got set up, I will reference a couple of things I did with the goblins so take a look at that if you haven't already.

So first things first I wanted to give our vermin lord here a green flame atop his banner, I always liked the imagery of the Warpfire that the skaven use on a bunch of stuff and try to mimic it every time I can get away with it, As with last time I started with a white basecoat, and to achive the almost neon greel glow of that fire I added 4 drops of P3's yellow ink to 3 drops of P3's green ink and Applied. it was that simple.

The next couple of steps came vary quickly and naturally, Some watered down liche purple for the robes, and I decided on a 1/1/1 of menoth base+ vallejo's light brown and a drop of water to create the skin, which is a creamy light brown, the fur would later be a reddish brown of dark flesh to give a bit of contrast.
I must confess I also added a drybrush of scorpion green to the flame as I though it would make it pop more but only proceeded to muck up the nice ink I had applied.

I started on the banner and rusted armor next, the banner would be simple as I wanted to make it look like bloody skin, I went for menoth white base instead of rotting flesh to avoid the greenish tint, I would later add a purpleish red wash named "drying blood" from the secret weapons line to make it look like strips of flesh. Now for the Rust walkthrough, which is what I wanted to show off most, You start with a watered base of black over the sections of armor or blades that you want to make rusty.
Then you take a light brown and water it down to wash consistency and apply it to the black sections. (You'll note I added the yellow brown wood color for later as well as added the wash for the banner as well)

After this Brown wash has dried you will notice it looks like a thin layer of dirt in the cevasse and areas where the wash has pooled. Now it is time for the rust. This can be tricky and ultimately depends on what look you like better, you can make the orange a wash and over the parts, or you can attempt to drybrush it over certain areas. I recommend different styles for the different paints you will be using, Vallejos orange is always runny so it doesn't take much to make it a wash, but GWs is so thick it doesn't take much to drybrush with that, experiment see what you like best.  I went with both though I think the wash worked better on this model.
 After all this rust I began painting metals in order to make the lord here look like he had a mismatched or looted armor.
 Shortly after this is done I begin to add washes to the wood and metal, adding a light flesh to the tail followed with a flesh wash, little leather straps being touched up with dark brown as well, and finally adding the reddish brown color to the fur.

Finally, I added some blood spatter on the cleaver, and on the arm holding it as well as painting the pillar he is standing on, with a light grey, and covering it with a black wash before adding white to the stone and then covering it with the green wash from earlier.
So with the Vermin lord completed, I figure it's time to discuss the new CSM codex a little bit.

Now let me start off by saying I am by no means an expert and have no doubt people will like other things that I don't and hate things that like,and that's fine but I'm a firm believer of "play what you want to play" and I'm going to talk about stuff that I liked and stuff I want to play.

-Things I am excited about-
-First off cultists being back is awesome. I plan on getting about 60-70 of my traitor guard painted up specifically so I can run nice looking cultists. 
-Noise marines are back and pretty freakin' cool this time around, they can't really assault but don't lie to yourself you weren't going to use them for that anyway. You now HAVE to take a champ now which I'm not a fan of but the sonic weapons are cheaper so I'll deal with it, Blastmasters and doom sirens are still good so be prepared to see them get used quite a bit.
-Dirge casters on vehicles are awesome, every CSM army is going to use them, they kill overwatch within 6" so get ready for Khorne armies especially to abuse the shit out of them.
-Forgefiends are good, and I'll pardon the dinosaur attached to the guns because the guns and pipes look so good. but I might find myself hiring some sculpting help for a slaaneshi top.
-Lords are cheap as hell.
-Eye of the gods is awesome
-All slaaneshi troops can get Feel no pain for cheap.

-Not so excited-
-Deamon weapons mysteriously missing, except for two upgrades and two HQ's they have mysteriously vanished, and granted it's not a bad thing but I miss having the option to have a slaaneshi lord w/ jumppack and a daemon weapon menace the opposing side.
-We all knew Lash was going to disappear, but to replace it with nothing else that messed with movement? Seems a bit harsh. Spells are still pretty good, but all in all not looking like something I'm gonna take often.
-Not excited about the maulerfiend, or the Heldrake. Seems like there are things that do these two new toys jobs better (except for maybe the heldrake which can chase flyers). Others may like them but I'm not a fan.
-Daemon princes are probably gonna be what you see mostly as the Hq's again. Though having to take a  humanoid to take the cult troops as troop choices instead of elites.

-Things that need errata already-
-Only thing that currently comes to mind, although I'm sure there are going to be the nurgle zombie cultists. If you haven't heard when taking typhus you are allowed to take cultists as zombies, and they gain some good abilities such as feel no pain, but here is the rub, you are not allowed to take options, adding extra dudes to the unit is under the section called options, so reading the rules as written you are only allowed to take ten zombies with each unit of cultists which pretty much mean many people won't (although you could just take plague marines in the elite choice after filling all your troop choices with the zombies.) Point is it needs an errata already.

Hope you enjoyed the post, I won't have another up until monday at the earliest as I'm going to a concert tomorrow and work the rest of the weekend.