Friday, July 27, 2012

Finally kicking this thing off.

Hey all, Welcome to my new blog, Dirge & Purge, most people know me as a namefag on 4chan, others it's more personal, or possibly you found this by simply stumbling into it. Reguardless, hopefully this is a decent way for me to post my miniatures and such and keep me on a regular schedule of updates and painting.
Please note that in no way do I consider myself a professional anything, there are people that can paint and convert 10x better than I can, but I enjoy showing off my work when possible.

 So I'm going to start this blog off with the 10 noise marines that have been keeping me occupied.
 Yup noise marines, one of my favorite units, and Now that the army is mostly rebuilt, 6th ed is out, and CSM codex is right around the corner I would say it was time for me to show these guys some love. Now I love noise marines, and wouldn't have minded painting them all pinks, purples and golds, but I also wanted to poke some fun at a guy I used to play with who played imperial fists. SO with that in mind I wanted to create Slaaneshi Imperial Fists.
 As simple as this color scheme seems now it was rather annoying in the first few stages, I prime white because I find it allows me to hit brighter colors easier, as well as inks and glazes stick to the primer much, much, much more simply. After the base I simply added a yellow ink to each model, and then added a sepia wash to that, The was allowed me to see where all the little bits and pieces were for detail.
 Once the sepia was dried I applied the black trim to everything I wanted it on including the robes, and the crests of the helmet to make the features pop a little more.
 Then came the metals which weren't so much a pain as they were tedious, metals watered down especially those of P3 (privateer press' paint line) become almost too thin too work with, so it takes quite a few coats, but after those I was in the home stretch and only needed to do the pipework and the detailing. Which I decided to do in typical Slaaneshi fashion with Bright pink.
Now I love working with pink, and I find it works very well if you build it up from purple to magenta and then work that into lighter and lighter shades until you have the pink you want. I also noticed the robe of this space marine looking very bare and could help but put a symbol of Slaanesh on him.
 With most of the detailing done, I wanted this fellow to stand out from the group as he is the only one with a different weapon, and since I don't take a champion (except in one squad) I decided I would give him a red sergeant helmet. now let me go on record as saying Mephiston red is the best red I have used to date. Literally I love the red color that comes straight from the pot.
 Still can't decide what I want to do with the bases, but I'll have more than enough time to think about that as I'm painting the other 20 of these guys and 30 raptors.

Now I could end there, but considering this is the first blog post I want to talk about two more things, one is a giveaway the other is upcoming projects, and since I like ya, I'll talk about the giveaway first.

So in my travels with this hobby I have acquired many minatures, dice, terrain, ect. thinking that I would eventually get around to putting it together, and painting it just to have some more fun. But after moving again I looked around my new hobby room and decided some of this stuff would need to go if I wanted to keep my plethora of other miniatures. That is why every so often I will post a Keeper of secrets with a mystery box, Like this one.
Who knows what the mystery box may hold? It could be an unopened box of orks, or it could be a bag of bits, it could be the beginnings of a second edition army. The point is, it's free if you win it.
Now you might find yourself asking, SWL how do I win a fabulous prize? Simple, in the comments, post that you want to enter and leave an email you can be reached at, I will not contact you unless you win, and a winner will be decided from those entered, and they will be contacted before the next blog post. 
There is a mystery box available this blog post. 

Now onto the upcoming projects, looking forward I still have the Slaanesh Imperial fists to finish, But I'm also working on a tank for my my Assault noise marine unit. details and pictures when I can get it done. But other stuff you will see in the near future.

 Possible painting tutorial for skaven!
  Blood Angels!
 Dreamer warband!
Warmachine/hordes stuff!

And lots of other stuff, Goblins, Chaos troll army, Traitor guard, Warriors of chaos, Terrain, and much much more. I hope you'll enjoy what I have and show off.