Sunday, February 24, 2013

Judge, Jury, Executioner.

So while this won't be a large update I do have more stuff coming this week, as I've been working on my new throgg model, a full unit of Chaos warriors, a sorceress for them and been trying to learn fantasy for the last two weeks, so I do have stuff coming, but I thought since I took some shots of it today it would be neat to show off my Judicator which has been selfishly hogging my paint table. 

 I decided to stick a cleanser officer next to him to show off how big this dude is even off his massive base.
 I finally found a replacement for the cheap gold I've been using that is difficult to thin, PP's rhulic gold when gone over with a nuln oil wash gives the same gold show here.

Hopefully the ruined garden I give this guy will be worthy of the model

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Incoming post! (and it's a big 'un)

So as you may have well noticed I haven't posted for 2 weeks, between painting, preparing for coastal and rushing to get things done around the house, I really haven't had time to sit down and type some stuff out. But now the time has come, Coastal is over and I have such things to show you.

First lets start off with what I was working on for coastal the finishing touches to my Menoth army, now that it's done I don't suspect you will see much more of it unless I finish my avatar or get a new caster which I'm considering due to how much E.Feora dies to a stiff breeze.

First up we got Roven as his buddies. and you know what, as much as I cannot stand using exemplar models in game I have to admit these guys look excellent when painted white armor with green cloth, Not much I can really say about them they are just good lookin' models.

Next up we have the vassal mechanic and two repenters, now I have to say out of all the models I painted last week the repenters were probably the easiest. Little gold here and there little silver, and a little green, bam done! The vassal however made up for the time I gained by being one of the most frustrating models to tell detail apart on my recommendation if painting one of these guys, after you prime do a small sepia was over everything first and then start painting. That being said, the model does look really good and the green compliments the brown really well.

Next up Daughters of the flame, I really love these gals, and it always surprised me that they didn't have stealth, and until Thyra nothing could give them stealth, but they do have anatomical precision and that alone helped to turn the tide for a failing unit in games at Coastal. 

 The last menoth Unit I'll be discussing with this post, the flameguard cleansers helped me destroy more units than I can remember, six spray templates can be absolutely devastating to anyone relying on Infantry I honestly wish I had a second unit as they can quickly turn your units into the victor. My only problem is that their rat is on the low side and if your opponent knows what he is doing they can be rather useless, at least they set things on fire right?

Finally the last menoth 'Jack the sanctifier, which I have appropriately named "Danny boy". The special abilities on this Heavy are nothing to sneeze at, good high pow on his main weapon, reach, and the ability to collect souls from friendly troops killed means that when stuck in this can be one bad ass warjack.

You'll note I went with black as the main chassis color for this jack, I felt it would be better and more fitting for such a "Reaper"-like warjack. 

Now normally that would be the end, But I have more in store, With the release of Warriors of Chaos coming out today (Feb 2nd) I  thought I would pick up my chaos stuff and paint with it a bit. I started with my ten chaos knights first as they were the first models I painted over in germany. Back when I used to Prime in black. needless to say I wasn't very happy with the job I had originally done, but all it needed was some fixing really. 

I kept the horses black but added different colors to the long hair at the bottom near their hooves, and traded their neon green weapons for neon magenta with a purple was over it.  I went over their purple armor with a purple ink was from the Secret weapons line with is almost a neon color when put over lighter things. 

One thing I'm not a huge fan of with the Chaos knights is the fact that the lances don't seem to allow the knights to be in formation unless you do their arms at wierd angles like overhead, It's a problem a couple of my friends have been discussing about other models with lances and pikes as well.

"You can't use a slaanesh banner as a shield" they said. "Watch me" I replied.

Now I know you noticed there doesn't seem to be a herald in the group. Well there is one, his banner just wouldn't allow him to fit in the shot with the other nine.
 As you can see I took a banner from the High elf dragon kit, I wanted a long flowing banner for this unit.
 No way you can't not tell me that's a slaaneshi banner. Special thanks to "Organ cakes" who drew the basic outline.

Last but not least, I have been putting these guys of for seemingly ever. but with Throgg FINALLY getting a model there was no way I could let them continue to sit on the shelf and gather any more dust. My river trolls.

I seriously love these guys and I was amazed how easy it was to paint them. I haven't exactly liked the algae wash the secret weapon put out but it made these models look great. 

That's all for this week, hope you guys enjoyed. As always comments are appreciated, Share if you want to. Hopefully new update next week.