Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nurgle I'm not happy with you right now.

If there is one thing I don't like it's feeling ill. Especially where there isn't a major bug going around, and it hasn't bedridden me.  Just makes me feel awful.

On that note I haven't done much this week for Warhammer, all I painted before I started to feel "Bleh" was a converted up archon I made for my dark eldar.

Kind of basic as far as color schemes go but I like it. I made her from a couple of pieces the main being the lead vampire countess from the Coven throne. which I had to remove the head and file a hole into the body for the new head to fit.
I couldn't find a good enough slave for her to be "sitting" on since the model looks like it's lounging anyway. So I decided to pull a piece I hadn't used from my exalted chariot of Slaanesh kit to give her a "Floating" pedestal.
Looking back over the model it's obvious that I still need to do a few more things, Maybe some freehanding on the dress. But for now she looks good in my opinion, and a welcome stand in for an Archon, Lady Malys, or even a rule #63 version of Duke Sliscus  (Duchess Sliscus? I dunno)

Anyway that's it for this late edition of Wargame Wednesday, hopefully I'll have something new for friday, don't be surprised if it's late.