Sunday, March 27, 2016

Updates incoming

Hey everyone, I've been working on a scenic board recently that you will probably be able to see details of tomorrow eveing after I get it and a bunch of Graveyard bases primed for ease of painting. I've just been a little busy with work this week (was spring break) and haven't had much time to do anything with painting.

I do have things coming down the pipes, It's just slow moving right now, I'll have updates soon.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Little shop of Horrors

Hey everyone small update today as I have several things in the works (one of which you'll see at the end of the post)  but for now let's get to the thing I've been excited about for a couple of days now.

The shifting loyalties campaign I am joining at my LGS as it's first optional assignment is awarding players who bring a 50mm plant marker. This inspired me to bust out my sodapop miniatures and look for the large carnivorous plant miniature to paint it up. (Killing multiple birds with one stone may I add).

I decided to prime the thing white, and then do the flowers and head the bright blue I've used on the Slaaneshi daemons before, Hit it with a blue ink in the mouths and a purple wash from secret weapon on the outside before adding magenta. 

I used Warboss green for the body and the darker caliban green for the leaves before hitting them with an algae wash also from secret weapon, before gently applying a dab of magenta to the tip of each leaf. 

The teeth are my tried and true method of Menoth white, Sepia wash, & lightly drybrushed bone. 

That's pretty much all for today, most of this past week has been prep work for starting in on a few crews, and building up terrain. I attempted to do a battle report but the camera I took all the photos on doesn't want to work with me so might be a while before those come up, if they do at all. I'm going to blame not having the models I wanted to use not being painted as the problem. 

Anyway upcoming stuff. This week I plan to work on my newly gotten Resurrectionists as my doorway is flooded with more boxes of their stuff. This beautiful little piece that came in a day or so ago convinced me it's what I should paint next. 

After that I'm painting up a figure for the "Fight!" theme of a local painting competition... It may be a little on the nose but I'm probably going to be doing up Yokozuna from the soda pop line as E.Honda. 

Have a great week!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Welcome Back

So let me start out this post with an apology for not updating for so long. I'm not gonna blame life, but ultimately a bunch of stuff came up, and I felt I just didn't have enough stuff painted to a decent quality that I felt like I could actually show it off.  So, I'm sorry.

What's changed?
Three things happened recently in my personal life that made me come back to this blog and really make me want to start doing it again.

The first of which is that I (re)started Malifaux, Which has in my opinion one of the consistently best communities I've ever encountered, and it's because of that, the quickness of the games, and the quality of the miniatures that I have become engrossed in the game.
I went to a local tournament this past weekend and not only came in tied 3 ways for 2nd (ultimately ending 4th) but won best painted crew, Which I honestly had not expected.

The second was that I entered a local painting competition held by a store, and I suspect I won 1st simply by the merit of the turn out being low, the amount of people who genuinely enjoyed the miniature I entered gave me a surge of inspiration that I felt I needed.

And finally the third thing. Being contacted by multiple people asking what happened to the blog. It may sound cheesy but it does inspire me to make more content when people ask me what happened and if I'm still working on stuff for the blog. Thank you all for inspiring me to restart this. I really do appreciate it.

Alright, so with all that out of the way, my future plans for the blog is to be about both stuff I'm working on and gaming things I'm interested in, so it might be painting one blog post, talking about a game the next, a tutorial after that, thinking about magic cards, ect.  I'm gonna try to keep personal life out of it, such as complaining about being sick which I notice I've done before, and I'm going try to do 1 post a week at the very least.

So with all of that crap out of the way lets take a look at a few models shall we?

First up is The "Large Arachnid" from Malifaux (It's actually a brass arachnid, which is supposed to be on a 30mm base....yeah I know right? But I managed to get 3 of them and decided to turn two into large arachnids because they hadn't announced a kit until about a week ago...)

Since my arcanists are themed around Colette's stage/ performance theme I wanted to make the spiders look like they were coming down off the curtains. 

I feel I accomplished this quite well, and that the orange flames coming out of the spider work well with the metals of it. Not a clue what I'm going to do with the color of that base though...might go with a nice dark blue to contrast with the red and orange. 

Looking back a little further at my Neverborn, I feel I can show these off now if only to reprimand myself for things I notice. We'll start with Jakob Lynch and The Hungering Darkness

I feel I did really well with the hungering darkness as I wanted a deepsea bio-luminescence to him kind of like an Angler fish I copied this on to a few other models with the brilliance mechanic and will probably do it again when I tackle the spawn mother. Lynch on the other hand while I feel I did well with him, I think I relied too heavily on a wash for his face, and fucked up his eyes in the process. I may go back and try to fix him later, but I'm going to blame being out of practice on this one. 


My Lilith crew on the other hand I feel like I did really well with, my only complaint is that I can't seem to take a picture of this crew that is (to me) out of focus a little bit due to the red color I used. The young nephilim on the right was also the first model that I used the technical paint "Blood for the Blood God" on, which works really really well. 

Well that's all for the is post, I want to know what you guys think about the changes to the blog and what you might do to make it less of a god damn eyesore. I'd also love to know what you all would like to see for the next painting segment. More Malifaux, some 40k, or some Super dungeon explore stuff?