Monday, January 14, 2013

Nurgle stay your hand!

Geez feels like I've been sick for nearly a week and a half, Nurgle finally let me feel good enough to start painting and since then I finished up what I have on the workbench and headed into town to get most of the rest of my army for Coastal Assault.

So what did I finish while I was under the effects of the walking ick?

The rest of my flameguard complete with unit attachment.

Making the total number of flameguard currently 22 (it will be 24 when my other UA comes in)

But hark, what else was I working on at the exact same time? A staple that no menoth army should be without? Yes I also painted six choir boys to go along with the army. of which I now need to borrow two more due to army retooling.

(It might be hard to tell but I have spelled out FEORA in the large letters on the partchment)

With the choir boys and the flameguard shown, I suppose that's about it, Cleansers and Daughters of the flame will be up next time, possibly along with my new Sanctifier. After that all I need is another UA for the flameguard, and Rohven and friendsl, and my temple flameguard will be ready for coastal. Hopefully I can get it all painted before then.

See ya'll soon.