Sunday, September 29, 2013

I can't hold all of these ideas....

So lets write them out and talk about the ideas in mind.

As I said, Dark elves are coming, but this shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone, they needed new hydras and witch elves, and their codex needed an update.

I'll tell you what though, when I saw the pictures of the models from the main site my Jaw damn near hit the floor. So I'm going to walk through these and say come conversion potentials that I see. Maybe I do them in the future, maybe I don't we'll see If I sell one of my other armies first.

So lets start with the Witch elves kit and then move to the Cauldron of Blood

First off just look at the animation of these models, The hair, the leaping pose...Looks great. I can already see people running these as Traitor guard, Daemonettes, Dark eldar wyches, Maybe even as banshee's or striking scorpions for some people.  This is one of those kits you are going to see sell like mad just for it's "sexy" conversion potential and then we get to the other half of the kit, The sisters of slaughter. 

If these models don't scream "RUN US AS DAEMONS!" nothing does. Whips, those masks, Like....everything just comes together on that model and hey if you don't use them on the witch elves bodies, you can always save them for another model...

But here is the rub Ladies and Gentlemen, it's $60 for 10 of these models. While I'm not sure if $60 is worth it for ten, the kit is large and the sculpts look amazing. 

Moving onto the other kit that I like (no not the hydra).
The Cauldron of Blood.

This model looks great, Even if not putting it together just piecing it out there are bits in here for tons of stuff, but lets start with the statue of the god himself Khaine.
Now This statue looks good, in my opinion I think it's better than the metal/finecast one that the eldar have now, I expect this piece will command high prices on Ebay probably in the 20-30 dollar range as people will be buying them up to use as their Avatar....if they use the Avatar of Khaine. 
The girls on it look great, I suspect the one with the chalice will be sold separately from the other two as more people will want her as a character or some such.

The Cauldron itself looks great as a centerpiece of terrain or as an objective point, if I can find several of them for a good price that might be one of the next terrain pieces I do. 

The pedastal that the Avatar is on is amazing and would be perfect for pillars, to denoting a special character, to just all sorts of things. 

and lastly the stairs can be used for all sorts of terrain projects, Need a building to look a little more evil? Maybe an evil staircase will fix it. Might also go well with a diorama.

On the Bloodwrack shrine side of things.  The Naga-woman/Medusa looks great, I've been trying to make a serpent lady for my daemons forever and now (hopefully she's cheap) I can get a couple of them. 

(I also like that they put what looks like a sorceress with 2 weapons into this kit, I like extra folks in boxes like the spider shaman that comes with the arachnarok spider.) 

So that's my thoughts on what I might do with some of these if I play around with them, The models look super good, and I wish more people played fantasy around here so I might actually make a Dark Elves army. But conversions for the armies I play are good too.

See you folks later this week. 

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