Sunday, March 13, 2016

Little shop of Horrors

Hey everyone small update today as I have several things in the works (one of which you'll see at the end of the post)  but for now let's get to the thing I've been excited about for a couple of days now.

The shifting loyalties campaign I am joining at my LGS as it's first optional assignment is awarding players who bring a 50mm plant marker. This inspired me to bust out my sodapop miniatures and look for the large carnivorous plant miniature to paint it up. (Killing multiple birds with one stone may I add).

I decided to prime the thing white, and then do the flowers and head the bright blue I've used on the Slaaneshi daemons before, Hit it with a blue ink in the mouths and a purple wash from secret weapon on the outside before adding magenta. 

I used Warboss green for the body and the darker caliban green for the leaves before hitting them with an algae wash also from secret weapon, before gently applying a dab of magenta to the tip of each leaf. 

The teeth are my tried and true method of Menoth white, Sepia wash, & lightly drybrushed bone. 

That's pretty much all for today, most of this past week has been prep work for starting in on a few crews, and building up terrain. I attempted to do a battle report but the camera I took all the photos on doesn't want to work with me so might be a while before those come up, if they do at all. I'm going to blame not having the models I wanted to use not being painted as the problem. 

Anyway upcoming stuff. This week I plan to work on my newly gotten Resurrectionists as my doorway is flooded with more boxes of their stuff. This beautiful little piece that came in a day or so ago convinced me it's what I should paint next. 

After that I'm painting up a figure for the "Fight!" theme of a local painting competition... It may be a little on the nose but I'm probably going to be doing up Yokozuna from the soda pop line as E.Honda. 

Have a great week!

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